Apprentice Sorcerers

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an interactive ‘scavenger hunt’ which takes place at various locations within the Magic Kingdom.  The game is played using special cards and magic portals.  When each portal is opened an animated scene invites budding Sorcerers to aid Merlin in defeating Hades by thwarting his dastardly plan to steal Merlin’s crystals.  Aimed at 7 year old’s and up this game is unique to the Magic Kingdom, it’s a great example of Disney’s use of technology in storytelling.  Despite its entertainment value and great charm many visitors don’t even know it’s there.  And what’s more it’s totally free to play, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is  included in your park ticket.

Sorcerers of the magic kingdom
Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, look for the brass plaques with the logo on.
 How it works

In order to play the game you must first head to the Fire Station on Main Street.  Located in the square as you first enter the Magic Kingdom, you’ll find it on your far left as you face the castle.

When you get to the Fire Station a Cast Member will sign you up for the game using your magic band, or they will give you a ‘key card’ if you don’t have a magic band.  You will also receive a pack of 5 cards to start the game with.

TIP: Even if only one person is going to play the game it’s worth everyone in the party signing up.  That way you get a pack of cards each and building your deck is quicker.  To get the cards each person has to collect them at the Fire Station, and you get one pack per day.

At the Fire Station the cast member will explain how to play.  There is a practice portal there to start you off.  The portals are actually small oval screens which are hidden around the Magic Kingdom.  These portals are often incredibly well hidden and most masquerade for shop windows or themed areas next to attractions or rides.  It’s really funny to see people’s faces when you rock up, open a portal and start playing, where moments before only a dusty fireplace was visible.

TIP: When you open a portal next to someone who doesn’t know about the game it often leads to many questions about what you are doing and how they can get in on the fun.  This can mean that the game takes a lot longer but we love being asked about Sorcerers it makes us feel like real Disney insiders!

Once you’ve practised the Cast Member will give you a map and send you to the first portal to start the game, usually in Fantasyland.  You don’t have to play straight away, the game will wait for you. When you are ready head to the first portal using the map.  You have to use that portal, trying others won’t work.

Sorcerers of the magic kingdom
Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom usually begins in Fantasyland
Finding the portals

When locating the portal look for a brass circle sunk into the ground with the Sorcerers logo on it.  Then  look for a large keyhole which will be close by.  Hold your Magic Band, or key card, against the keyhole and the portal will open.  Listen to the animation and follow  the instructions.  Stand on the brass plaque, that’s what it’s for, then you will be the right distance away and the portal will be able to read  your card.

If there is a villain to fight you will be told to hold up a card, choose wisely.  The card has a power associated with it and using particular cards will fight some villains better than others.  Don’t worry too much though, the first rounds of the game are there to help you practice, build your skills and power up your cards for the harder later rounds.  All cards will work well in  the first round battles.

TIP: Don’t use a card more than once in a battle, this will deplete the cards power, but don’t worry if you do the power will recharge.  By using a variety of cards in the battle you will defeat the villain quicker and the more you use each card in different battles the more it will power up.

Main Street Magic Kingdom
The shops in Main Street hide secret portals to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
Using the cards

You can use more than one card at a time, up to 6, you may notice some expert Sorcerers have folders with the cards in to make this easier.  If you put together your cards in ‘Combos’ they will work even better.   There are lots of different combos but generally if you have characters from the same film they work well together, like Flynn Rider and Rapunzel for example.   Or you can put together a ‘combo’ based on the cards powers, for example, Pumba and Lumiere.  Pumba has noxious gas and Lumiere a flame to light the gas, with explosive results.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
Sorcerers game cards, make combos, the cards powers combine to fight villains more effectively.

Once you’ve beaten the villain, and that might take a few fights at the different portals within that Land, you will be congratulated on your achievement by Merlin and sent to the next Land to continue the quest.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Cards
Aurora and Prince Phillip combine to make a strong attack. Watch the animation change as you use the cards more and they power up.

 TIP: some of the portals are so well disguised they are hard to find, use the drawings on the map, it’s not to scale but it is accurate and it will get you in the right area so you can start looking for the brass floor plate.

The games progress is stored on the players Magic Band, or key card, this means you can stop or start the game at any time.  Your game progress will even be stored for up to 2 years so you can pick up the game at the exact point you left it on subsequent visits.

TIP: We found Sorcerers was great to play when we wanted a break from the rides and the queues, we could get a drink and play the game then go back to other attractions later.  It’s also good for filling in time before a FastPass reservation.

I can’t recommend this game enough, especially for boys, it’s fun, really well done and you get a great pack of well illustrated cards to take home as a souvenir.

TIP: If you go to any of the special events like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party make sure you collect one of the special cards, they are very collectable!

INSIDERS TIP: On our last trip we were lucky enough to encounter one of the guys who had worked on Sorcerers.  He told us a great tip.  Because there is always a lot going on in  Magic Kingdom and lots of people moving around the portals can get ‘distracted’ by stuff around you.  If you stand on the brass plaque with your cards held out in front of you, just above shoulder height, and then slowly move the cards downwards this helps the portal to ‘see’ the cards better.