My memory isn’t my best asset, I forget where I put my keys, when it’s my wedding anniversary (my husband’s very forgiving!) and increasingly often what the date is. Β But ask me what I was doing at 9am on the 22nd October 2015 and I can tell you, down to the finest detail. (On the 7 Dwarves Mine Train if you’re curious).

That’s because I was at Walt Disney World, at the Magic Kingdom and that’s what happens there, unforgettable memories are made. I realise I am at the risk of sounding like the one of the cheesy brochures featuring pictures of perfect people having perfect fun. And don’t get me wrong our trip to Orlando wasn’t perfect, nothing can be, but it certainly lived up to our expectations and more than that, exceeded them.

Expectations are funny things, built up by months of looking forward to a well deserved holiday, added to by being so expensive, for us the most costly trip we have ever taken. Built up to such an extent that fear sets in, fear that your expectations can’t be matched, that there will be disappointment and that the sheer commercialism of it all will leave you feeling jaded and a little nauseous.

I needn’t have worried, that didn’t happen, we had a great time, so much so that we are now planning our next trip. I really should say PLANNING, because last time I became, what some might call immersed (others, more frankly, obsessed), with planning the most amazing trip. I like to be prepared and we were, and if Disney planning was an Olympic sport I would have been on the podium in gold medal position. It worked, like a dream. Our time was spent enjoying ourselves not queuing, we enjoyed great food, not just fast food, we felt relaxed and the plans I made actually enabled us to be really flexible, something I hadn’t expected.


Planning, I thought, is what everyone does when they go to Disney World, and that’s true they do, to some extent. But I realise not everyone has the time, energy or enjoys that process as much as I did and that’s why I started this blog. To help you either plan like an Olympian or just get the most out of your well-earned and very special holiday. Whether you’re a first timer or an old hand, I hope there is something here you discover that goes a little way to making the magic world of Disney, that little bit more magic.

And unlike the majority of blogs out there, and there are some great ones, this one is aimed at UK travellers.

If you’ve got a question or need some help, get in touch I will do my best to help and maybe you can help too by joining in with the tips and tricks you’ve learnt along the way.

I will also keep you updated on our next trip, letting you know how the planning is going in my regular blog updates.