I am Pixiesuesi.  I am a wife, mother and self confessed Disney World fanatic. It’s my favourite place, where I feel I am at ‘home’ and in the hope that I can help others get the most out of their Disney vacation I started this blog. Oh! and of course I couldn’t indulge my love of visiting Disney without adding in a sprinkle of Universal Studios appreciation too. I live in the U.K. so what’s written here is unashamedly written with a British bias but I hope it can be enjoyed by anyone planning to visit Disney World, Florida.


This blog is created to provide information, tips and tricks for UK travellers to Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando.

DIsclaimer: Pictures on this site are a mixture between actual photographs and collage images.   Manipulated images use artistic effects which distinguish them from actual photographs.  Collage images do not represent actual images and may overlay landmarks which are not in close proximity in reality.