Sunshine Tree Terrace Citrus Swirl

When you’re at Disney and it’s hot, and trust me it can get very, very hot, you’ll need a cool refreshing snack to keep you going.  One of my favourites in all of Disney World can be found at Sunshine Tree Terrace.  If you’ve done any research at all on Disney World then you’ve probably read about Dole Whip.  This pineapple soft serve is legendary amongst Disney fans.  The Dole Whip has its own merchandise, even a plush! But there’s another fruit flavoured soft serve at Disney World and for my money it’s even more delicious than the legendary Dole Whip itself, the Citrus Swirl.

Sunshine Tree Terrace can be found in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom

Tucked away in Frontierland is Sunshine Tree Terrace.  This kiosk is home to the citrus swirl.  It’s located close to Aloha Isle the home of Dole Whip in the Magic Kingdom.  In fact Aloha Isle was originally located here.  In 2015 Disney swapped over the two locations, now Sunshine Tree Terrace occupies the smaller of the two kiosks.  As you enter Frontierland across the bridge make your way towards the Swiss Robinson Family Treehouse.  Before you reach the treehouse Sunshine Tree Terrace can be found on your right.

Citrus Swirl

Citrus Swirl is a soft serve with an orange juice sorbet swirled through it.  It’s super delicious and very refreshing.  Disney snacks can sometimes be very sweet or sickly.  This is neither.  The slightly tart orange sorbet cuts through the creamy soft serve making it really refreshing. The orange swirl soft serve is presented in a little cup.  Just remember on a hot day you’ll need to eat it quickly! But that won’t be a problem, trust me!

And if the orange swirl cup isn’t delicious enough for you try the citrus swirl float.  Yep, that’s the citrus swirl soft serve over fizzy orange soda! Life just doesn’t get any more sunshiney than this!!


Sunshine Tree Terrace
The Citrus Swirl Float, citrus swirl soft serve over orange soda, this is a must try Disney snack.

Sunshine Tree Terrace also serves regular soft serve and root-beer floats, I won’t judge you if you chose this option.  But really, Citrus Swirl is the way to go.  A word of caution, they are dangerously addictive, you have been warned!

Here’s the official menu

Orange Bird

While you’re at Sunshine Tree Terrace you can also get acquainted with their mascot, Orange Bird.  See him on the sign, he’s the cute bird shaped to look a Florida Orange 🍊.  In fact Orange Bird was created by Disney to promote the Florida Citrus Commission back in 1970 when they were the sponsors of the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction.

Orange bird
photo credit: Devlin Thompson Orange Bird Inflatable Toy Label via photopin (license)

Since then he’s become a much-loved character with Disney fans though Orange Bird merchandise can be hard to find in Disney World, a bit easier in Disneyland and Tokyo Disney.  Souvenir cups can be found at Sunshine Tree Terrace whilst for reasons I still can’t fathom, cute Orange Bird plushies can only be found at Mouse Gear at Epcot.

orange Bird
Orange Bird plush available from Mouse Gear at Epcot, this plush now resides with us we couldn’t resist him.

There is also a cute Photo Pass option for fans of Orange Bird at Epcot until 28th May. More information is available on Disney Parks Blog. Check ‘My Disney Experience’ for locations.

Sunshine Tree Terrace
Cute Orange Bird Photo Pass Opportunity available at Epcot till May 28th photo credit Disney Parks Blog.



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