Minnie Vans now available for UK Guests to Walt Disney World

This year Walt Disney World launched their new premium transport service Minnie Vans.  The service was rolled out first at a few selected Walt Disney Resorts and now covers most of them.  Provided by Lyft the service is accessed through the Lyft app with an access code provided to Guests by Disney.  The service although at a premium price has been well received by guests.

The Minnie Vans are all driven by Disney trained drivers, so specialist Cast Members effectively.  They are suitable for up to 6 guests and they also carry car seats for younger guests.  Available for trips within Walt Disney World from 6.30am to 12.30am subject to availability.

Disney Minnie Vans

When we were at Disney World in October the service had been rolled out to Polynesian guests.  We had dinner reservations at Jiko.   With no direct route to Animal Kingdom Lodge from the Polynesian we were excited to try the Minnie Van service.  Happy to pay the more premium price,  $20 per trip and with Animal Kingdom Lodge being one of the longer trips in Resort we would make thought this was a great opportunity.

BIg problem was that the Lyft rideshare app which Disney have partnered with did not accept International mobile numbers as part of their sign up process.  Without access to the Lyft app the Minnie Van service was not available.

I contacted the Lyft technical team and asked them to help.  They worked their magic and now overseas visitors can access the Minnie Van’s at Walt Disney World.  Yesterday I received this message from them;

“Our Engineering team worked around the clock to get this fixed for you, we are happy to say the issue has been resolved for most international numbers.”

I have checked it and the sign up now works perfectly for most International numbers.   You may need to change your App Store preference to USA when you get to Walt Disney World.  Then you should be able to download the Lyft app.  Once you have downloaded the app you need to complete the sign up process.  Afterwards pop along to the concierge  at your resort who will provide you with a code.  You can then order a Minnie Van When you need one throughout your stay.

What could be sweeter than riding around Walt Disney World in a super cute Minnie Van, go on treat yourself!

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