How to Laundry the Disney way

Yes, it’s your vacation and the last thing you want to be doing is boring Laundry. You’ve booked a Disney resort hotel and you plan to relax, take it easy, hit the parks and indulge in a cocktail or two as the sun goes down. That’s exactly what I do on my Disney vacation.  Doing the washing wasn’t top of my must do list. The thought of housework on holiday just doesn’t compute.  Not for me are the Disney gift cards which can be procured by opting out of Mousekeeping and doing the room yourself.  When I’ve saved all year for a Disney resort, relaxation is my number one goal.

Guest laundry

Do the laundry, on holiday!

Then a week into our vacation I realised the dirty washing was piling up and we were running out of clothes.  Laundry was required to be done.  I had to bite the bullet and get on with it. But what would doing the laundry entail at Disney? Would I be tied to a laundry room, feel like a drudge and worst of all wash away the Pixiedust and the Magic?

With a slightly heavy heart I made my way to Guest Laundry at the Polynesian Village Resort. Of course I had seen the signs before but I hadn’t taken them seriously.  Now laundry needed to be done and a whole new world of Disney was about to open up to me.


At the Polynesian there are two Laundry rooms.  One for DVC guests located in Tokelau longhouse and for regular guests one is located next to Lilo’s Playhouse. The laundry room is well signposted and accessed using your resort magicband. There are two rooms within, the first with seating, TV and vending machines, in case you want to wait whilst your washing is in progress.

The second area houses the washers and driers, another vending machine and the terminal which controls the washers.  There is a large table in the centre of the room to help with folding and organising pre and post washed clothes.

Laundry room
One of the Laundry Rooms at the Polynesian

How to use

if you haven’t brought detergent, which I hadn’t, this can be bought from the vending machine which stocks both bio and non biological powder.  Both the vending machine and the washers and driers work with a credit card, not Amex, the system is completely cash free.

Detergent vending machine
The detergent vending machine is cash free, operate with a credit card.

As with any convenience there is a higher cost for the detergent and washing than you would expect to pay back home.  I thought the cost was expensive for what it was, but I was happy to pay for the convenience it provides.  Next time I won’t take as much clothing but will probably just launder a couple of times.  I would happily pay to do the washing which allows me to pack less in my luggage.

Wall instruction for laundry
Instructions provided to help guests use the machines.

There are clear instructions both on the wall and on the control machine itself of how to use the washers and driers.  Each is numbered and selected using this number.  Once you have chosen your washer simply load your clothes in it along with the detergent.  The powder goes in a drawer on the top left.  Then using the control machine swipe your credit card and select the washer number.  The control machine then confirms that the selected washer can be programmed.  Return to your chosen washing machine and select the correct programme, colours, delicates etc.  The machine is then confirmed on the control unit and the programme starts.

Disney Laundry
Control unit for the washing machines.

The same steps can be repeated for using a drier.

Time saving tips

In addition a handy online website keeps track of which machines are in use and for how long. Accessible from the resort or park it means you don’t turn up at the laundry room only to find all the washers in use.  It also prevents you from having to stay put until your washing is finished, unless you want some peace and quiet from the family of course.

The laundry website is Laundry View


Overall I found the laundry service very easy and quick.  I used the laundry room during our down time at the resort. In doing ‘the chores’ I never felt tied to it or that it invaded on my holiday. In fact I felt it was a huge plus and would definitely use it again.  It’s another service available to Disney guests which adds value to your stay at a Disney Resort.  Of course it’s not THE reason we chose to stay on property.   But all the little things add up, it’s yet another way Disney looks after their guests.  So is the Laundry sprinkled with Pixiedust at Disney?  Well, maybe, just a little.


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