Grumpy Husband’s Top Three Attractions At Disney World

My Husband was a reluctant Disney visitor, in common with many men, he thought Disney World was going to be his idea of a nightmare.  Filled with uncontrollable over-excited kids, long lines for rides and forced to eat theme park food, overpriced and tasteless. 

Of course needless to say he was completely won over, by the parks, the hotel (well we were lucky enough to be staying at the Polynesian) and by Disney World itself.  Normally a grumpy Husband and cynical as a rule, though also great fun, he found the overtly commercial element of Disney was overridden by the fact they do everything so well.  In addition he was able to enjoy the family rides, well, perhaps not ‘It’s A Small World’, knowing that just around the corner was a grown-up roller coaster to up the excitement level.

So, now we are returning to the House of Mouse in October this year, my planing has commenced. I’ve started by putting together a list of our favourite Attractions to make sure we get the chance to enjoy those to the full.  Already having consulted my 12 year old Disney expert on his choices, it’s now the turn of my Hubby!  Here are his top three Disney World attractions.

Grumpy Husband’s Number 3: Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

More a Smith’s man than an Aerosmith fan the appeal of this attraction, for my Disney Husband (DH), certainly isn’t the introduction to the ride.  Although, as a reserved Brit, some of the excitement his fellow riders exhibit whilst watching the short film sequence at the start of the ride can be entertaining in its own right.  What makes Rock ‘N’ Roller a favourite is the fast acceleration and dark ride experience which is both thrilling and terrifying at the same time.  With a full inversion loop and totally in the dark, it’s over quickly, less than 2 minutes, so it’s a good candidate for a FPP+.  Without a FPP+ or careful planning the wait in the queue could diminish the enjoyment of the ride.  Avoid the single rider line here, it’s a two-seater vehicle so the queue can, at busy times, move snail-like.


Rock n roller coaster Aerosmith
photo credit: CL Photographs Rockin’ The Night Away via photopin (license)


Disney's Rock n roller coaster
photo credit: Brett Kiger We Be Jammin’ via photopin (license)

Height restriction for Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster is 122cms


Grumpy Husband’s Number 2: It’s Tough To Be A Bug!

Animal kingdom
It’s Tough To Be A Bug! nestles under the tree of life at Animal Kingdom photo credit Jeff Krause

Animal Kingdom was the surprise of our first visit to Disney World.  Often underrated and accused of being a half day park (though currently Hollywood Studio is probably the holder of that mantle) we were all blown away by Animal Kingdom.  This was especially true for my DH who proclaimed it his favourite of all the parks at Disney World.  It’s Tough To Be A Bug! made it to the top 3 list for similar reasons.  On entering the park and due to having a 10am FPP+ for Kilimanjaro Safari we stumbled across this attraction on our way to Africa.

The attraction is nestled inside the fabulous Tree of Life structure, a beautiful and intricately carved and sculpted artificial tree.   When we arrived, first thing in the morning, It’s Tough To Be A Bug! was empty, there was no queue and we didn’t know what to expect.  This is a great reason not to view the POV’s of rides and attractions on You Tube before you go, definitely better without the spoiler!  The attraction is an auditorium type attraction with 4D effects.  Think Mickey’s Philharmagic with insects.  This is super fun, really humorous and has some unexpected elements, particularly at the end. My grumpy Husband laughed and chuckled at the cheesy jokes, effects and both mine and our son’s reactions.

Some people find this attraction a bit unsettling, I suppose it’s the bugs, but I can’t see it myself, because it’s animated it doesn’t make me think there are real bugs ready to leap on you.  But it’s in the dark, I can see it might be a bit intense for really little kids.  This kind of attraction is easy to miss but do so at your peril.  The fact that my DH has his on his top three will tell you it has a lot to offer and it might just surprise you.


Grumpy Husband’s Number 1: Mission Space Orange.

Epcot mission space
photo credit: Jeff Krause Photography Epcot – Spinning Blue Marble via photopin (license)

Mission: Space nearly didn’t make it to the grumpy Husband list.  Not because it isn’t a great attraction, it absolutely is.  In order to include Mission Space on the list we had to have a discussion about what a favourite attraction was defined as.  Was it an attraction which you would want to go on again and again, which was your go to attraction to ride first and last?  In that definition Mission Space would not have made even the top 20.  Whilst my husband loved it, it’s debatable as to whether he would want to ride it again (well Orange at least) never mind over and over.

But what about if a ride is so good that its one of the best you’ve ever experienced, when it’s so totally unique and you spend time working out how it’s done.  The acceleration, the weightlessness, the fact that it’s exactly how you imagined it would feel to be blasted off into space.  Shouldn’t that ride be on a top 3 list?  Yes is the emphatic answer, and here it is.


Epcot Mission space
photo credit: Jeff Krause Photography Epcot – Real Mission to Space – SBIRS GEO Flight 3 Launch via photopin (license)

Mission : Space Orange or Green?

This ride, part of the Epcot attraction list since 2003, features two very different experiences. Orange is the full on ride, though not the 2003 version which was modified after two fatalities (The deaths were not proven to be as a result of the ride itself). Green is the non spinning version for those with weaker stomachs.

The story is you’re part of a crew being blasted into space as part of an International Space Training Centre. Each rider is assigned a role; pilot, engineer etc. Once seated, crew members press buttons to make decisions during the flight, which in reality have no impact on the outcome of the ride.

The capsule you ride in is very small so it’s not advised if you are worried about small spaces. And if the card you’re given in the line for Orange before boarding, with extensive health warnings, or the sick bags strategically placed within arms length by your seat in the capsule don’t put you off, you will enjoy a unique experience.  My DH was grinning from ear to ear when he got off, though not in a hurry to get back on again. Both versions of the ride are worth doing and each delivers on the ‘space mission’ experience.

Don’t miss out, try Mission: Space Green, and if you’re brave go for Orange but don’t ride it on an empty stomach!

Height restriction 112cms.

Notable Mention; Expedition Everest; Legend Of The Forbidden Mountain.

Of course my grumpy Husband isn’t nuts, Expedition Everest would have been his number 1 choice, another reason he loves Animal Kingdom.  Unfortunately I wrote up the ride as part of my son’s choices so didn’t want to do so again in this list but if you want to read why it’s so good click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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