Pandora World of Avatar Opening Date Announced

It’s been quite a wait but finally the opening date of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s newest attraction, Pandora World of Avatar, has been announced.

It was way back in 2013 that Disney announced a new world would be coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  At last, Pandora World of Avatar, a mere 4 years later, will be opening on 27th May 2017.  We’ve seen the concept art and been treated to some sneaky peaks of the attractions themselves in a teaser trailer Disney released before Christmas.  Now the opening date has been announced and if you want to know what to expect information on Pandora can be found in my blog post.

Pandora world of avatar
Animatronic Na’vi courtesy of Disney Parks

One thing is for sure,  it’s going  to be pretty spectacular if the new image of the famous floating rocks is anything to go by.

Amongst Disney fans the up and coming opening of Pandora has received mixed reviews.  Die-hard fans of the film are all excited about what they will encounter on entering Pandora.  And the effects that made the movie so ground breaking are likely to be well emulated now that theme parks have also taken a giant technological leap.  For those fans of Disney not so familiar with the movie there is, it must be said, a bit of apathy.  Animal Kingdom fans also seem concerned that Disney is taking the park away from its roots, changing it to be another attraction led theme park.

Pandora world of Avatar
Na’vi River Journey a sneak peak courtesy of Disney Parks

It will certainly be interesting to see the response when Pandora does open in May this year.  In my opinion the ecological message within Avatar plays well to the aims of Animal Kingdom.  I also think Pandora will help Animal Kingdom become the all day park which it so richly deserves.  I’ll be honest,  I am pretty excited to see Pandora World of Avatar on my next trip.  Here’s hoping it manages to live up to the hype.




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