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Disney has a whole back catalogue of the most wonderful movies.  Stories we treasure and watch over and over again.  It’s Walt’s gift to all of us.  But over the Christmas period, while watching some non Disney movie classics on TV I started to ponder.  There are quite a few movies out there that Disney could have made.  These films have all the hallmarks of a classic Disney live action movie, but were created by another studio.

As I mulled this over and my imagination took hold something else occurred to me.   What if Disney had created movies based on some of the iconic resorts?  Just like it created movies based on its rides, like Pirates of the Caribbean.  Well here’s that list.  Just for fun. The top 3 movies Disney could have made and the resorts that might have inspired them.

# 3 Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
Disney type movies
Movie Poster for Seven Brides For Seven Brothers a singing, dancin’, feel good movie


The prerequisite for a classic Disney Musical is great songs.  Match that with amazing dance sequences and you have the ultimate Disney movie.  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers has it all.  The songs, and, oh my!, the dance routines, the matchy matchy costumes in bright colours, the happy ending.  This movie has everything Disney except the production credit.  It’s even, in the spirit of the early Disney stories, a little bit politically incorrect.  But we won’t hold the downright unfeminist message against it.

Disney type movies
Matchy matchy colours and amazing dance routines, it’s so Disney but it’s not.

And the resort? Well it has to be Wilderness Lodge of course!  With the pioneer spirit and the homespun  (Deluxe category) lodgings it couldn’t be anywhere else.  Let’s hope the Wilderness lodge has 7 Bridal suites!

Disney's wilderness lodge
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge photo credit Iceninejohn.
# 2 Some Like It Hot
Disney style movies
An all-star cast in this classic comedy

Ok, I accept Disney movies are always in glorious Technicolor and this one isn’t.   The black and white of this movie though is nothing more than a pastiche.  A deliberate ploy to invoke the 1930’s prohibition era.  The fun, the gags, the hilarious situations are all Disney style.  It’s an adult themed Disney movie of course, but since when was Disney only for the kids?  Even Tony Curtis’ dodgy Cary Grant inspired British accent is pure Disney (classic Bert voiced by Dick Van Dyke).

Disney style movies
Some like it hot, filmed at the inspiration for Disney’s Grand Floridian, The Coronado.

The resort inspiration is, of course, The Grand Floridian.  It’s a bit of a cheat because the GF was inspired by the Coronado Hotel where Some Like It Hot was filmed.  But that just makes it even more appropriate.

Disney's grand floridian
Disney’s Grand Floridian photo credit praline3001
# 1 Big
Disney movie
Big starring Tom Hanks

This movie is all about a boy who wishes he was big, a grown up.  The result, brought about by magic, is an adult who sees the world as a child.  Who enjoys child like pleasures without guilt or embarrassment.  That’s how we all feel at Disney World.  We’ve been given the permission to let our inner child out for a little while. The other themes of the movie, that family is the heart of who we are and that we should live each day not wishing them away, well that’s pure Disney too.

Disney movies
Josh consults the Zoltar Speaks machine in Big.

The resort is, of course, inspired by the location of where the Magic happens in Big.  The Boardwalk.  The home of the Zoltar Speaks machine who grants Josh his wish to be big.

Disney's Boardwalk
Disney’s Boardwalk by Express Monorail
Honourable mention; Ensign Pulver
Disney movies
Ensign Pulver movie poster

Two of my favourites that didn’t quite make the list but which I couldn’t go without mentioning.  For the movie, Ensign Pulver, the all-star comedy set in the South Pacific.  One of my favourite laugh out loud movies.  And it has to go with my all time favourite Disney World resort The Polynesian Village Resort.

Disney's polynesian
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort photo credit e.mcclay

Which non Disney movie is your favourite?


photo credit: IceNineJon N00/3228889152″>Wilderness Lodge Courtyard via photopin (license)

photo credit: praline3001 N06/3765849078″>Front Gate of the Grand Floridian via photopin (license)

photo credit: Express Monorail <a href=”″>Boardwalk (Explored)</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>




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