Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney World

Excitement  is building over some of the new additions which will be added to the parks, this coming year.  Pandora – The world of Avatar has got to be the biggest and most exciting of all of these.

Avatar world of Pandora
Behind the Scenes of Pandora: The World of Avatar courtesy of Disney Parks
Pandora: The World of Avatar

Information has been slow to trickle out regarding exactly what we can expect.  The one thing we do know is that this new land will change the way most people see Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  The addition of Pandora- The World of Avatar will add an additional 12 acres of landscaping and feature 2 major new rides.

Over the Christmas holidays Disney finally released actual footage of the parks’  progress.  A video with commentary by film Director,  James Cameron, and Producer, Jon Landau. Seems like both men have been heavily involved with the imagineers tasked with creating Pandora.  The video shows actual footage of both the land of Pandora and the two new rides, Avatar : Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey.

Pandora world of avatar
Animatronic  Na’vi courtesy of Disney Parks
What to expect?

Recently I have kept my eye on any Pandora information as it was released.  Each new snippet has raised my expectations.  So I am super excited to see what we will encounter when Pandora finally opens in Summer 2017.  It looks spectacular! The floating rocks where the Ikranay live.  The beautiful flora and fauna.  Pandora is created as if by magic from celluloid to touchable reality.

Pandora world of avatar
Pandora’s floating rock formations realised at World of Avatar courtesy of Disney Parks

Na’vi river journey, a family ride,  reveals the work Disney has put in to create the bioluminescence forest so evocative of the film.  James Cameron promises at the end is “something amazing which you’ve never seen anything like in your life”.    We will have to wait to se what that spectacular ending might be.

Pandora world of Avatar
Na’vi River Journey a sneak peak courtesy of Disney Parks

The second ride, Avatar: Flight of Passage, is a simulator to imitate a flying Banshee.  This ride is slated to be a thrilling, plunging, soaring ride through the beauty and grandeur of the World of Pandora.

Pandora world of avatar
Pandora World of Avatar courtesy of Disney Parks

While there was no further information revealed about the shops and restaurants for the land.  We do know there will be a general merchandise store, Windtraders, a restaurant, Satu’li Canteen, and a bar, Pongu Pongu.

I for one can’t wait for Summer 2017 to reveal Pandora – World of Avatar in all its bioluminescence glory!

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